Located 1 hour by boat from the port of Chalong, Racha Yai is ideal for your first dives.

Surrounded by a reef colonized by hard corals, you will find many species of fish: Fusiliers, trumpet fish, triggerfish, moray eels, batfish, fish chest and many others.

For more experienced divers, several wrecks are to be observed between 18 and 30 meters.


A little further south of Racha Yaï, Racha Noï offers various sites for all levels.

it is a good place to meet Barracudas and turtles, we can also observe the passage of Ray Manta.

Giant boulders on the bottom provide a similar decor to the Similan Islands.


A wreck that sank in 1997, this 85-meter-long ferry that runs the Phuket - Phi Phi route is reserved for experienced divers.

Resting by 30 meters of bottom, it is the haunts of a very important fauna and flora, you will be able to admire the numerous alcyonaires which cover it as well as imposing gorgonians.


Known around the world, the islands of Koh Phi Phi offer many and varied diving sites among the most beautiful in Thailand.

Gorgonians, multicolored coral, black tip sharks, turtles, leopard sharks ... You may also be lucky to meet whale sharks.